Lumies #Lumies

Color-matching magic

Touch any color andshe’ll glow to match! Whetherblue, purple, or red, colors keep Lumies happy and fed.

Mixin' Beats!

Lumies turn colors into music! The more colors you find, The more drums, vocals andmelodies Lumies’ will mix.

Rainbow-Charged Games

Lumie knows so many fun ways to get you up & moving your feet. Color is key, but so is being speedy!

Check out the games

Color Chase
When Lumies glow a color, find and touch a matching color as fast as possible! How many colors can you grab before time runs out?

Lumie Says
Lumies will flash colors in a pattern. Can you remember the pattern and touch the same colors in the same order?

Rainbow Tag
Pick any colored object. When Lumies show that same color, touch it quickly to match! Colors will flash faster and faster.

Meet the Lumies

Sparkle Rush

Free-spirited Sparkle Rush will win you over with her heart-shaped freckles. Her sense of adventure opens up a rainbow of possibilities, but like she always says, “You don’t have to travel far to experience a world full of color”.

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Sparkle Rush

Dazzle Gogo

This ray of sunshine is always in the mood to go, play, and explore—which is probably how she got her name! Dazzle GoGo expresses her true colors and will inspire you to do the same.

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Lumie Dazzle Gogo

Pixie Pop

With a lasting twinkle in her eyes, Pixie Pop is ready for the spotlight and always glowing with good vibes. Her personality is as bright and bouncy as her curly hair-do—there’s no limit to the fun you can have together!

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Lumie Pixie Pop

Twinning With Lumies

Cozy up to your pet Lumie so that she can match the color of your outfit. A hair clip comb is also included so you can brush and style her.

So cute & cuddly!

Psst! Lumies has
Easter Eggs!

Unlock surprise sounds by touching special color combos.
Try this one:

Reveal more
Easter Eggs!

This sound...

Is in a hip-hop mood!
Can drive you cuckoo.
Means buried treasure is near!
Is a total zoo!
Will cheer you up!
Is so dramatic.
Is out of this world!
Is all rock 'n' roll!
Is not proper.
Is feeling blue.
Means "I'm in a hurry!"
Is all wet.
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more fun sounds