Playing with Pomsies

The trick to loving Pomsies is to understand what Pomsies like…and how to interact with them.


Happy Pomsies have pretty teal eyes! Pet them on the back of the head and they purr. Hold the back of their head and mouth at the same time for a surprise…LOL!


Yellow eyes mean time to eat. Press the mouth and Pomsies gobble it up. Eyes turn rainbow when they’re full…Burp!


Uh-oh. Eating too fast causes hiccups and green eyes. Don’t worry, nothing a little shaking won’t cure.


Blue eyes mean Pomsies aren’t feeling well. If Pomsies sneeze, press the nose to wipe away sniffles.


Sometimes blue eyes mean Pomsies have a cough. If so, hold the mouth to make it better and prevent spreading germs.


Sometimes having a cold means, well… Pomsies are cold! If Pomsies shiver, cover the back of the head and snuggle those blue eyes away.


Pink eyes are a sure sign that Pomsies are feeling silly. Tickle ALL of their touch spots and they’ll bust out laughing.

Super Happy!

The more you play, the happier Pomsies become. Rainbow eyes and a special song mean you’re doing a great job and they love you!